Global VS Team

The founder of Global Virtual Solutions has years of experience in Senior positions in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, IT Enable, Web development and Virtual assistant companies and bring strong world class best practices to the organization.

The Division Managers and Team managers are from diverse fields of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, IT Enable, Web development and Virtual assistant industries with an average experience of 3 -4 years in their fields. Their average tenure in Global Virtual Solutions is over 1.5-2.5 years which ensures that they have an in-depth knowledge of the various virtual service industries.

Our Virtual assistants are graduates and are well versed with computer and internet research techniques. We trained them for more than 3 months on candidate searching, Internet research, job posting & Response processing and database management techniques before being assigned dedicately on any client’s account. They become more creative and dedicated with support of inputs from their experience team managers which ultimately ensures high level of quality and productivity. Our regular training schemes on each new internet research techniques keep them updated of latest trends in Internet research techniques.

Our team has an extensive background in web development and web design , number of projects. We offer specialists in each area to bring our clients the best finished product and to offer support from a professional, no matter what your questions may be.

Our IT Enable Service division specializes in performing digital conversion of large volumes of content: newspapers, books, journals and a variety of forms, surveys, indexes and other documents from print, electronic images & microfilm/microfiche.

Business outsourcing model

Our business outsourcing model consists of assigning a dedicated trained employee to a client who then becomes a virtual employee for them (our clients). He is trained exclusively on managing your account, your industry domains and other requirements.

Since the virtual employee is pre-trained, he is quickly able to ramp up and generate optimum output, usually within a week of being assigned to your account.

VA's are an excellent alternative to regular employees in this challenging economy and can provide targeted, specific skills to help you where you need it. Why pay for lunch breaks, vacations, benefits, or down time when you have the option of paying only for tracked time spent working on your projects?


Global Virtual Solutions is powered with highly inspired, creative, talented and dedicated professionals who are willing to put their all strengths in pursuit of professional objectives. We respect, admire and love the aptitude of our team members and motivate individuals to think outside the box. This makes our work environment lively and creative and eventually leads to greater innovations.


To be acknowledged as a leading supplier of virtual assistance by building on our competencies and providing world class, value based services to our clients.

Bottom Line

Over the years, we have developed the expertise, resources, and infrastructure to meet your exact business goals. We enable you to save precious time and money - the cornerstone of your core business.

RPO Services

Our researchers are experts at advanced boolean searching for passive candidates on search engines, networking sites, company websites, directories, associations, alumni pages, regulatory and licensing boards etc. and can unearth difficult to find information.

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Web Engineering Services

One of the many services that our virtual assistants provide is website maintenance. Effectively maintaining a commercial website requires a fair amount of time and attention.

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IT Enable Services

Data processing is the process of transforming data from one form to other form. The difference between data conversion and data processing is “data conversion doesn’t require a question to be answered.

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