Our company has 6 internal Recruiters, but we find it more effective to use Global Virtual Solutions to source candidates. The easy process of emailing to Global Virtual Solutions a “search document” one day and receiving a list of candidates the next day makes Global Virtual Solutions indispensible for recruiting qualified candidates.

Our Company’s clients require both temporary and direct hire candidates. For temporary jobs, we ask Global Virtual Solutions to search Job Boards. For direct hire candidates we ask Global Virtual Solutions to search LinkedIn and Boolean searches. They are able to find candidates quickly.

Management of GVS follows up frequently to confirm that their service is superior.

Because of my satisfaction, I have referred other staffing companies, which now use their services.

Craig, President (Western Coast Leading Financial Staffing Company)

I have been a client of Global Virtual Solutions since October of 2009 and I have come to find that John and his team are more than just a vendor, they are true strategic partners that I value to help me with my business. I have made numerous placements since we began to work together that are a direct result of the sourcing provided by Global Virtual Solutions. In addition, Global Virtual Solutions has also helped in a number of special projects and have supported me in maintaining my recruiting database. All of these services have made it possible for me to spend more time with my clients, candidates, employees and do more business development. In my practice, I am tasked at filling extremely difficult searches – my clients are High Tech and Health Care IT – the skill sets are narrow and the available pool of candidates are very limited – Global Virtual Solutions has worked closely with me to find highly desirable, passive candidates. The Global Virtual Solutions team doesn’t complain when I give them a difficult search – rather, they pull together as a team and work hard to find the hidden talent! I can highly recommend Global Virtual Solutions as a true strategic partner.

Sandra, President & Founder (Midwestern IT Consulting company)

“Global Virtual Solutions provides excellent customer service and outstanding results. They are an extension of our research department and we consider them a strategic partner.”

Alan, President (MRI Consulting Group)

Our company has used Global Virtual Solutions for several months now on various different projects including, lead generation and candidate sourcing. We are very impressed with the work they have done for us. They are efficient, reliable and affordable. We can always count on their researchers to do a great job for us. I highly recommend Global Virtual Solutions!

Loni , Owner (Southern and Western USA Engineering Staffing Company)

“I Love India”

I did some new requests, asking for the Linked In and Boolean Google search only.

Whether we ever fill an order with one of the candidates they come up with or not, they are just so good. Without my asking, they have cross-checked the new names they came up with, against previous lists they've sent me -- so that they haven't sent the same name twice. Now that's good service.

Cydney, Account Manager (Western Coast Financial Staffing Company)

RPO Services

Our researchers are experts at advanced boolean searching for passive candidates on search engines, networking sites, company websites, directories, associations, alumni pages, regulatory and licensing boards etc. and can unearth difficult to find information.

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Web Engineering Services

One of the many services that our virtual assistants provide is website maintenance. Effectively maintaining a commercial website requires a fair amount of time and attention.

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IT Enable Services

Data processing is the process of transforming data from one form to other form. The difference between data conversion and data processing is “data conversion doesn’t require a question to be answered.

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