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Candidate Sourcing Services

Active candidate sourcing


We'll seek out potential candidates based on your job specifications and screen resumes from subscribed job boards, whether paid or free. By utilizing your subscription account, you authorize us to access your job specifications, criteria, essential skills, and other parameters. Our team will identify resumes that closely match the job specifications and share them with you. If preferred, we can also reach out to candidates on your behalf, gauging their interest in the position and providing you with their responses. Our process streamlines candidate searches and communication, presenting you with interested and qualified individuals.

Additionally, our familiarity with the intricacies of individual job boards enhances efficiency. We've established an experienced "keyword team" that collaborates with your researcher, reviews your job brief, conducts keyword research as needed, experiments with various keyword combinations, and recommends the most optimal keyword sequence to the researcher.

Our team screens resumes, identifies closely matched candidates, and facilitates communication on your behalf. Our expertise in optimizing keyword searches adds value by streamlining the process and potentially saving costs. Gain efficient candidate searches and communication, along with substantial annual savings, through our tailored approach.

This "support time," not available to a solo in-house researcher, is entirely non-billable, offering added value to our clients. Given the rising costs associated with accessing job boards, this effective utilization alone can result in substantial annual savings for your business.

Passive candidate sourcing

Our researchers excel in advanced boolean searching for passive candidates across search engines, networking sites, company websites, directories, associations, alumni pages, regulatory and licensing boards, and more. They leverage advanced AIRS techniques such as x-raying, flipping, and peelback, along with our proprietary search techniques developed over the years.

Moreover, they are well-versed in various databases and tools, including Hoovers, Search-expo, Zoominfo, Mint, Sourcepoint, Broadlook, Onesource, D & B, and Hillsearch, among others, utilizing them as required.

Our adept researchers employ advanced boolean searching techniques to find passive candidates across diverse platforms, including search engines, networking sites, and company directories. Leveraging AIRS methods like x-raying and flipping, alongside proprietary techniques, they ensure comprehensive candidate discovery.

These experts devise productive strategies for utilizing networking sites, encompassing the building and mining of LinkedIn networks while regularly updating your database. With multiple approaches to passive searches, the Team Leader collaborates with the researcher to evaluate search strategies and choose the most optimal one to pursue. Once again, this "support time" is non-billable, providing us with an advantage over a solo in-house researcher.


database candidate sourcing


Database candidate sourcing services include building and managing extensive candidate databases and identifying possible matches based on predetermined criteria with the aid of sophisticated search engines. After that, recruiters make contact, cultivate connections, and verify candidate data.

Constant feedback loops, analytics, and personalization provide a customized and effective strategy that complies with regulatory and legal requirements. The objective is to help companies hire more efficiently by offering a pre-screened pool of competent applicants.